Kevin Scheid

Cisco Product Chooser

User Experience Design, Web App Design, Digital Strategy

Designed product chooser for Cisco small business customers. The client wanted to expand awareness of small business offerings and increase sales. The product chooser guides users through a series of decisions then recommends products meeting their needs. It had to be engaging and easy for small business owners who have minimal knowledge of networking and communication products.

Served as user experience designer in project team distributed over 5 locations. Interviewed stakeholders and reviewed user research. Formulated the digital strategy, requirements, and concept. Prototyped the concept. Designed the interface flow and 9 wireframes. Specified the interaction design, popup configuration, embedded configuration, and 6 decision trees. Managed vision with build team and translation vendor.

Successful in designing an engaging and simple experience out of a complex and advanced information space. Product chooser deployed in English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish.

Agency: Clear Ink
Visual designer: Igor Gasowski
Developer: Mark Celsor


Final Welcome Page
Shows the German version in popup configuration

Concept Storyboard

Decision Page Wireframe

Results Page Wireframe
Example of detailed specifications.

User Interface Flow Diagram

Decision Tree Diagram
Decision trees specified the sequence of choices and the resulting set of products.

Welcome Page in Production Website
Shows product chooser in embedded configuration.

Cisco Small Business Page
Shows product chooser chip in lower left.