Kevin Scheid

Sun Intranet

User Experience Design, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Intranet, Website Design

Designed the user experience of My SunWeb, the intranet for Sun Microsystems, based on user research and Enterprise 2.0 strategic objectives. Emphasized social networking, personalization, and group collaboration to improve employee satisfaction, retention, and productivity.

Agency: Clear Ink
Digital strategist: Steve Nelson
Visual designer: Igor Gasowski
User researcher: Jack Thorpe
Producer: Susan Stanger

ForSun Microsystems

Final Home Page

Information Architecture Vision
Shows innovative information architecture.

Home Page Wireframe
The home page is the starting point for employees. It is a highly personalized and social dashboard. It surfaces social and community news and provides instant access to relevant people, communities, content, and functionality.

Group Page Wireframe
Groups or communities are the building block of the intranet. The group has a dashboard surfacing news, people, content, and functionality.

Profile Page Wireframe
Each employee has a profile page aggregating employee information from multiple back-end sources.

Module Catalog Wireframe (1 of 3)
Users add modules to their home page or group pages from the module catalog. Shows faceted navigation to browse modules.

Module Catalog Wireframe (2 of 3)
Shows in-place detail view of catalog item.

Module Catalog Wireframe (3 of 3)
Shows in-place confirmation after adding module.

Quick Comment Storyboard
Example of storyboarding the interaction design.

Profile Quick Facts Module Wireframe
Example of a module design. Shows surfacing contact info and current time and appointment.

Contributions Module Wireframe
Example of a module design. Shows content ranking reputation system and tag cloud to get a visceral view for what the user contributes on the intranet.

Community Equity Element Wireframe
Example of detail wireframe. Community equity is a reputation system.

Home Page Tab Detail
Example of a detail wireframe.

Global Header Wireframe
Example of specifications.

High-fidelity Wireframes
Designed pages with wireframes showing layout.