Kevin Scheid


Visual Design, Interaction Design, Digital Marketing

Marketing home page featuring interactive data visualization of credit scores across the United States. Geo location shows the user's average credit score in their state. The user interacts with the map to explore credit scores in other states. The map has rollover and animation effects. I designed the home page in Photoshop and cut up the assets.

Email campaign with New Year's theme. I designed the credit score meter and confetti in Illustrator.

The product overview page supports users in deciding between the three products while funneling indecisive users to the a specific product in the hero. I created the design comp in Photoshop and Illustrator, wrote the copy, and cut up the assets.

Change alert settings using in-place dialogs. The options have rollover effects and the in-place dialogs have animations to show and hide the dialogs. I created the concept, wrote the copy, visual design, interaction design, and conducted a usability test to iterate the design. The designed retained the original color scheme of the product.

This home page promotes a credit monitoring product based on the FICO Score. I designed this home page in Photoshop.