Kevin Scheid

EV Connect

iPhone App Design

EV Connect is a private network of electric vehicle charging stations. The app supported some interesting features, like searching for charge stations on a map, starting charge session by scanning QR codes, and monitoring status real-time. I designed the iPhone app from start-to-finish based on functional requirements and delivered 63 design comps and 97 images in close collaboration with the product manager and developers. The app was launched just after the release of iOS 7. I followed-up the project with consulting on using the design and artwork as the basis for a responsive web app and Android app.

RoleInteraction Design, User Experience Design, Visual Design Date2013
ToolsSketching, OmniGraffle, Photoshop, Illustrator

After studying the “what” functional requirements, I created a concept for the “how” that I modeled as an app map. I started with broad strokes to support key user scenarios. I continued to add more and more details until the app map captured all the screens, elements, interactions, flows, and conditional logic. The app map aligned the team and allowed for development to start in parallel to the design and copywriting. I used OmniGraffle for the 17 illustrations.